Thought for the weekend

Just short one pink dolphin (or two tree frogs, or four Brasil nuts). So crack, leap or jump right up….


Have a good weekend!

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Just missing a Pink Dolphin or two

samauma tree edit

Giant Samauma Tree, Adolpho Ducke Reserve, Manaus

We’re just £30 from our week-two target of 40% funding. A pink dolphin and a tree frog would do the job, while a manatee would blow it wide open. We could also do it with just 6 brazil nuts!

Anyone out there wanting a fun ride with the Amazon Handbook over the next few years, and their name permanently associated with the best-loved English-language guide to the Amazon, please step up!

Making a contribution is quick and easy, and you will be helping us help visitors to one of the last great rainforests on earth, which still needs more visitors and a higher profile if it is to be effectively protected in the long run. Visitors sometimes need protecting too, of course, and that’s also where we come in 🙂

Anyone who can donate a minimum of £5 will be making a difference! A minimum of 95% of your donation goes directly towards the printing costs (we lose a bit on currency exchange, Paypal and bank charges).

Please help us towards our target. AH Cover icon-sized 200x279If you have already donated, then it’s your project too – please talk to someone else who you think would like to participate. Or why not give someone a gift –  a donation in their name will get them a free copy of the 3rd (Olympics) edition of the Amazon Handbook with their name in the credits (£20 for the e-edition; £40 for the printed edition) in the book and on the website. We think that’s pretty cool.

Full Project Details  (opens in new window)

Friends of Amazon Handbook Donations Page (opens in new window)

List of Friends  (opens in new window)

Thanks from us all!

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Come up and see us sometime!

macaws in flight

Scarlet Macaws (by Charlie Fayers)

…or down, as the case may be. With the Brazilian currency buckling at the knees, your own currency has never been worth more in the heart of the Amazon!

So come on – pick a bargain flight avoiding the south of Brazil, and come via Miami or Lisbon. You’ll be here splashing the spondoolies about quicker than you’d think. Beer at half the price (330ml bottle of Heineken for £0.57/US$0.90/€0.81), cheap hotels, cheap jungle lodges, cheap tours – it’s a veritable bargain!

How about a hot and humid Christmas with the primordial rainforest mists swirling round you as your canoe glides gently down the black waters and a pair of macaws pass low overhead? And after a relaxing dip in the warm tropical waters you can settle back with a tropical cocktail or three with the Amazon Handbook team at Cahoots Café and Bar.

More information at our website Amazon Handbook.

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Brazil NutsAs many will already know, we have opened the 3rd edition of the printed Amazon Handbook to crowd (actually ‘select group’) funding. In exchange for a minimum donation of £5, all our contributors will be mentioned in the roll of honour in the guidebook and on the website, treefrogand there are other rewards depending on whether you choose to be a Brazil Nut, Tree Frog, Pink Dolphin, Manatee or Jaguar Donor.

dolphinWe are hoping to raise enough to cover just the costs of the print run, which come out at R$8,700, and at the date of writing our Friends have already donated just over R$3,000, leaving us just R$360 (£70) to raise to reach this week’s target – so we are currently on the lookout for 3 Pink Dolphins and a Tree Frog!manatee

The amount we have raised so far is very encouraging, and bodes well for the completion of the funding round before the end of August, following which we will be scheduling the printing with a planned publishing date of 30th September.

jaguarGrateful thanks to all our Friends who have donated so far, and if you have not yet made a contribution but would like to know more about the project, why not visit our project page on the website (or if you just want to donate right now, go direct to our Friends page).

Thanks from Clive and the Team

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AH Cover icon-sized 200x279Get your name in the Amazon Handbook!

Today we launched our crowd-funding appeal. It is an exciting time for us, because if we are successful with the funding we will be able to publish the completely revised, special Olympics version of the Amazon Handbook!

We hope all our readers will consider making a small donation in exchange for putting their name in the book – or perhaps giving a larger amount for other goodies. Every penny or cent counts, as does any help you can give by telling others  – friends or colleagues – who you think may be able and willing to participate.

The Amazon Handbook helps visitors, raises the profile of Manaus and the Brazilian Amazon, and in a small way helps build the kind of global audience who can help protect the region. It has been written, produced and published by volunteers since 2009, and has already helped thousands of visitors to the region.

Please have a look at our project page on

And if you need to know more, contact us through outreach<AT>

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Mad March Toucan Promotion

AH Toucan logo

Bring toucans of Guinness and take part in our promotion!

It is (nearly) March, St. Patrick’s day is approaching, and we have gone mad here at Amazon Handbook and Cahoots Café & Bar in Manaus.

From now until 17th March, bring us a can (or bottle) of Guinness and get a free coffee and muffin (normal price R$10) at Cahoots.

Bring us tou cans (or tou bottles) and get a free, signed copy of the Amazon Handbook (normal price R$25)!

Offer limited to one free coffee and muffin and one Handbook per person. Handbook offer only while stocks last. Cahoots, Rua Pará, Vieiralves, Manaus, CEP 69.053-070 (+55 92) 3238 6121


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“Nah mate, that’s not corruption – this is corruption….”

I laughed until the tears rolled down my trouser legs after reading this story reported in the local newspaper A Critica yesterday, 9th February 2015. The story involves the Mayor of a large town on the Amazon River, 500km upstream of Manaus. The A Critica reports that a recent investigation at the Coari Prefeitura (the Mayor´s Office/Town Hall) suggested that the Mayor, whose name is Igson Monteiro, was guilty of a little nepotism. I won’t translate word for word, as it’s a bit long winded, but the gist of it is as follows (as faithfully as I can):

“According to receipts discovered on Sunday by the A Critica…Igson Monteiro, who became Mayor…when the previous Mayor was imprisoned, nominated his father as a Special Adviser, with a monthly salary of R$2,600. …[His] mother was also appointed a Special Adviser, with a salary of R$7,000 gross, [although]…this was reduced to R$5,500 after tax. Four of Igson´s brothers gained seats on [the council]. Izone Monteiro was appointed a Secretary with a salary of R$9,000. This was the same amount paid to Idiseu Monteiro, in his job as the Mayor´s Private Secretary.

Iva Monteiro and Iza Monteiro, sisters of the Mayor, were also appointed as Special Advisers, with monthly salaries of R$7,000 gross. Two brothers-in-law of the Mayor completed the list.

Yesterday, when A Critica phoned, no-one  answered the phones at the Town Hall.”

Today we learned that “for personal reasons”, Igson Monteiro has resigned…to be replaced by Iliseu Monteiro. If the name seems familiar, it probably is – Iliseu is Igson’s brother…

You have to laugh.

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